Spring Break

Alright! Well into spring break training here the OCU Kayak team is tearing it up out here! Three a-days (three practices a day) have us all pretty sore and tired but not having any classes makes room for some amazing naps! Every day I’ve been taking one or two hour long naps, and then getting right around nine hours of sleep a night. It’s pretty amazing. The major down side of being on campus all spring break is not having the cafeteria. But we’re making the most of it, lots of oatmeal, pb&js, baked goods sent down here by my grandmas, and other random food items, are the staple diet, but last night there was some deal worked out with The Rib Crib for OCU Rowers & Kayakers to come and eat for free =) =) =) my favorite price. So last night I ate 15 ribs some onion rings, and some potato salad, I added up the calories and it was right about 2800. Ha I felt like I had eaten a small cow!

We did some K2 work the other day which is always fun, Austin Schwinn and I were together again. I think its actually a promising combination, we do especially well in the 1000m and then we get slower and slower as the distance decreases. We’ll definitely have to work more on our top speed.

Today we had a lactic acid workout on the water followed by a 4km running time trial. I was really pleased with how my run went, I took off pretty hard and then tried to find a solid race pace, which put me about 8 seconds behind Austin, then as we approached the turn around at the 2km mark, I started closing the gap, till at the next incline I pulled ahead, then with 1km to go Jen pulled up and passed me from out of nowhere. Well, I was not about to take that so with about 600m to go I powered it up and blew by her, again on an incline. I ended up getting a PR of 15:44.58. I think my last time was in the upper 17s so I was very happy with it.

March Already

After far too long, I’m back to the blog. Time has definitely been flying by since my last post. Life’s been rather busy, classes are moving right along full bore as is training and really just life as a whole. I got a job at Cuppies & Joe last week, a bakery-coffee shop–at last I am a barista! I’ve really always wanted to be one. Even better than that nearly everyone who works there is a Christian, so I will be working with my brothers and sisters in Christ! What more could I ask for?

Training is going quite well, I have had a number of extremely productive technical workouts with some real improvements being made. Friday morning we had a wonderful workout, rather long but I got a lot out of it. It was (2′/1′ x 4, 3′/1′ x 3, 4′/1′ x 2, 5′/3′) x2 L2. In English, we did two minutes of work “on”, then one minute “off”, and then we did that combination four times, then three minutes on with one minute off three times, and so on. It was a great workout for focusing on technique because of the varying times at the same intensity. Shaun pulled up along side me at one point in the chase boat and pointed out that I wasn’t using my core to my full potential, so I worked on keeping my onside arm straight through the whole stroke and getting the whole stroke from my legs, hips, core and back. In the last two four minute pieces and the final five minute piece it finally clicked and with 100% focus on what I was doing I was able to connect and then the boat really started moving. I was able to hold with Carlos (without riding his wash) for all three of those last pieces. That made me feel really good.

I also had a chance recently to sit down over coffee with Joe Jacobi, CEO of USA Canoe/Kayak, and talk about the some of the great US paddlers  from the past and also the Olympics and the Olympic movement what it takes to be apart of it. I left that conversation really pumped. Kayaking is developing in the USA, we have a lot of work to do but there are good things ahead.

One week till Spring break for us here at OCU which is going to bring with it some awesome training. While some will be chilling on a distant beach, we here will be training three times a day. In the end– I kind of feel sorry for them.