Back in the Hole

After piquing for the first regatta of the year, I’ve hit it hard again starting back up Tuesday with some heavy weights in the morning and 12km in the afternoon. Tapers never last as long as you wish. But one thing I know, I am pumped to do some serious training, being this close to the Seniors has got me all fired up!

The start of the race season has also brought something else with it, the expenses. Flights, entry fees, trailering fees, food expenses and all the rest. It is time to start some serious fundraising. There will more on this soon but for now, if anyone out there can help in any way possible, be that a donation of $5, $100, or $500 or more, or even donation of airline miles, sports nutrition stuff, peanut butter, or beef jerky, I could use anything you can spare.

Contact me through the contact page of my website or if you have my number or email you can hit me up there. Thank you all for following my training progress! I am madly in love with this sport! The Lord has blessed me so much through it and I can’t wait to see where He will take me in it!

Also if you don’t already, you should follow me on Twitter @kayakracerbond, I have nearly daily updates on workouts and training progress, with the occasional Scripture verse thrown in there as well.

Team Trials!

Friday morning at 9:19 am, the starting gun signaled my first 1000m race of the year. It was a good start to the year, I finished second in my heat behind Morgan House, and was thrilled to beat Patrick Dolan, and David Petrovics. After the race I realized that since the top 4 all progressed directly to the final, Pat and David had chosen to hold position so they could conserve energy, I probably should have done the same seeing how both of them beat me in the race that counted, the final. Another thing to learn from the older athletes.

Even though I went harder than I needed to in the heat I still placed pretty well in the final, coming in 7th right behind David, who edged me out with a tremendous push right at the 250m to go. I had so much fun in these k1 1000ms that I wouldn’t have minded if the rest of the regatta was just more of them but we had to move on to the other events.

K2 1000m with Jared MacArthur  went so well! It was such a pleasure to race with him. We finished 3rd place behind Jake and Luke Michael and Pat and Morgan. Not bad seeing how we’re both at least 3 years younger than the guys in the other boats.

After the 1000s I was pretty much thinking that my regatta was over, the 200m is not really my strength and not nearly as enjoyable as the 1000m for me. But after finishing 4th in my heat and progressing direct to final I was pretty pumped. I was expecting it to be a little harder for me to make it but I focused and lit it up like an M80 off the line and held on for all I was worth. In the final I ended up mirroring my 1000m placement finishing 7th. Jared and I then finished off our regattas with a 5th place finish in the k2 200m.

All in all it was a great regatta. Jared, Ryan Stock, J.L. Guinchard, and I made the Under 23 National Team and will be training together for two weeks before the Lake Placid International Regatta, July 2-3.

There is one terribly unfortunate thing about the whole thing, and that is that I am sitting at an airport in San Diego, instead of at a church with God’s people, singing, dancing, and shouting His praises on this Easter Sunday. But I know the Holy Spirit is meeting me even here at the airport to help me worship the Risen Lord aright.

One Week Out

Trials are so soon! I can’t believe how fast they’ve crept up on us! one week from tomorrow at 9:12 (or 9:19 depending on which heat I’m in) I will be racing.

Am I ready? Physically, I’m not quite out of the hole yet, but mentally i’m all jazzed up! Since our taper began a little while back I have been daily increasing in excitement. This time next week I will be in San Diego, with my heart fluttering like a humming bird. In fact, it kind of feels like that right now! Ahh it’s going to be a long week. Let’s just say mentally I am very prepared.

Time to just maximized all the rest, make the most of every workout, stretch out as much as possible, eat healthy and stay hydrated.

22 Days Out

In the last 2 1/2 weeks a lot of quality training has happened.

Heavy training over Spring break, followed by another hard week made this week’s transition phase much needed. We’re getting down to the last three weeks before National Team Trials in Chula Vista, CA, so the training is moving from high volume work to more intensity and less heavy weights to more dynamic power lifting.

Being this close to trials, I’m getting super excited. Everything I do now has an impact on Trials, everything I eat, every hour of sleep, every ounce of stress, every hint of anxiety, and ever stroke of every workout, everything plays in. Tomorrow I have a 1000m time trial which I’ve already started visualizing- it’s going to be good. One addition to my training for the next 3 weeks is going to be more stretching. I really have got to get some more flexibility in my arms and hips especially but really all over.

Because some of you might not know how the process for this next year works, I’m going to explain how the Team Trials works and what steps are in front of me and the other US paddlers before the Olympic Games next summer. First we have the Team Trials in April, these are primarily for World Cup Regatta 2 in Racice, CZE and 3 in Duisburg, GER. Team USA will only be taking four men to the world cups as they try and find the best k4 for this year. Those who make the k4 will also qualify for the World Championships, August 17-21 in Szeged, HUN where they will shoot for a top 10 finish to qualify for the Olympic Games next summer. The rest of the World Championship team will be selected at the Lake Placid International Regatta, July 2-4. The team brought by the US to the World Championships will have boats in all events because it is an Olympic Qualifier. There will also be another chance for all boats except the k4s to qualify for the Olympics scheduled to be at the Pan-American Games in Mexico City, this fall.

This year going to be big to say the least so I say bring it on!