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Since my last post, just shy of two months ago a fair bit has happened. I left you all with an excited summation of the World Championships and thanksgivings for the wonderful blessings in my life. So, to catch you all up on what the Lord has been doing in my life lately, I’ll give you the run through.
I returned to OKC and hopped directly back into the routine of class and work and life. I took a much needed week off the water, and got caught up in my classes. After bumming around in a few of my friends rooms I got my housing situation worked out and ended up moving into the best rooming situation I could have dreamed of. I’m rooming with two acting majors and a rower, so we have two athletes and two artsy people – two cooks and two cleaners – two chill folks and two fast paced people and it’s been incredible! My roommates are Scott Jones, Brock Turner, and Nathan Goodrich and they’re all stalwart Christian guys. It has been so incredibly encouraging living with these guys.
My life has actually gotten busier than any other point. I’m taking fifteen hours of classes, working fifteen hours at Cuppies & Joe, training baseball players on Tuesday nights (more to follow), and training 20-25hrs a week. In between all the scheduled things, I’ve been cooking for myself, meeting with my new mentor, and living life with all of the wonderful people God has put in my life. For the first month and a half I was going strong but lately I’ve gotten a little fried. I need to make sure and let God do it all and not try to do it myself.
I mentioned that I’ve been training some baseball players on Tuesday nights, well it’s even cooler than it sounds. A friend of mine, Matt Floyd owns the company, Prodigy Sports OKC and it’s a training group for middle-high school aged baseball players to develop their skills and help them become the best baseball players they can be. But far more importantly, his idea behind it is discipleship and relationship. So I go to the gym, instruct them on their workouts, help them out with the mental side of sports, and lead them through a core workout, but ultimately my job description is to invest in these guys and point them toward Jesus. It has been an incredible blessing.
I’ve definitely hit “the grind” of training again. Time to push through and consciously decide to love the sport, even when it’s cold and painful. But even with through all the hard work and grind, I am still infatuated with the sport. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, sunny and in the 60-80s with calm water.
I’ve also had some really cool media opportunities lately. Two weeks ago I was featured on the local Channel 4, in a little story about coming down from the Northwest to kayak in the middle of the country and how I work at a coffee shop and other fun stuff. It was a neat story and a great opportunity. Then that week I was also featured in a TV program called The Real Winning Edge, put on by Challenger Films Inc. They feature Christian athletes and their life and journey with their Savior. I really struggled with it a lot- why do they want to do a feature on me? But then I realized that it wasn’t on me at all, it was a feature on Jesus =) What a blessing to get to be a medium for telling people about Jesus!
In thirty minutes or so I am going to be speaking at a pediatric hospital/care center for handicap children in Norman, called the JD McCarty Center. I am so excited! I got to do this kind of thing twice this last summer and it was a remarkable blessing. Pray that the children will get joy out of this!

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  1. Hi Cedric, Remember me from the house you stayed at in Chula Vista near the Olympic Training center?…………the one with the bad blow-up bed!! I was so embarassed about that after you left not realizing it really was not working…………… you athletes have to suffer! Really you should have told me about it. I am really sorry,sorry.sorry…it must have been sooooo uncomfortable.
    I have been following your life from time to time on the computer. You certainly are busy and I was impressed with your work with the children. You are having an amazing life and I am glad that God plays a big part in it. I will be watching London and hoping to see you there competing.
    I sold the house on Carmel Ave. during last Summer and now live in an apartment in San diego……just for now until I decide what to do. We just did our project in mexico last weekend to take presents and school supplies to Tecate- mexico for 4,000 children

    All the very best Cedric,it was an honor to meet you………………stay fit,healthy and “Go For The Gold” God Bless Margaret Coval

  2. Hi Cedric,
    Blessings upon you wherever you are at this moment. We were talking about how much we
    think of you and so looked up this site. We are praying for you and know that God is looking down on you and saying “keep on, my good and faithful servant” . WE appreciate your sharing your faith and knowing from whence cometh your strength.
    God BE With you, dear one,
    Delores and Magnum

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