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Thirty-one days to the World Championships

31 days, and a lot of work to do. David and I had our first time trial this morning and our time wasn’t as fast as we’d hoped. We’d hoped it would be faster but realistically it made sense for how long we’ve been working together – 4 days. We got some video of the whole time trial so we can figure out what we need to change. We have several coaches who will be looking over the video and Carlos has offered to help out as well. So we are well taken care of!
It’s all part of the game, trying to find what works and what doesn’t to make the boat perfect.
We did some 250m pieces the other day and were able to hold some blistering times quite comfortably so everything we need is there, we just have train ourselves to access it for a whole race. Good thing we’ve got 31 days.

A huge thank you to all my supporters as always! Through your support the Lord has provided for me to go to the World Championships. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to you all!

Raising Funds for the World Championships

I’ve been working all day on the logistics for a trip to the World Championships. I’ll be going with the Team to Pusiano, Italy via Milan, then from Milan to Budapest to Szeged, Hungary, then after the World Championships are over, back to Oklahoma City. Let’s just say it’s a little complicated.
I am so grateful to those who’ve been able to donate so far and those who have pledged to give! We’re almost there! You’ve helped me raise nearly enough to cover all my flights. There is, however, nearly $2000 left to be raised. If you are willing and able please help send me to the World Championships! Any amount is appreciated, and if you can’t give anything right now but will be able to soon, please contact me through my website and pledge an amount, be it $10, $100, or $1000, it will be greatly appreciated! The sooner I know how much I still need, the smoother all these logistics will go.
Also a huge way you can help out is by posting a link to my website on your Facebook, your Twitter, or just by telling your friends about it.
Thank you all!

Quick Update from Princeton!

After an amazing weekend at the Lake Placid International Regatta, I headed down to Princeton, NJ to stay with my friend Fred Mechini and his family. I’ve been enjoying the best Italian culture and cuisine found this side of the Atlantic! They have been the most gracious hosts!
I have been able to use their home gym which has everything I could need. In his gym Fred has a kayak ergometer (kayak machine) which not only is a great workout, but are great for working on technique, and Fred’s set up is especially good for that with a full mirror in front of it.
This afternoon I had the pleasure of paddling with Borys Markin and some of the paddlers from Rockaway Canoe & Kayak Club. The lake they paddle on, Lake Sebego is absolutely gorgeous! There are trees surrounding it, massive boulders on the shore, huge turtles in the water, and a 1000m course marked out with buoys every 250m. It is an ideal place to train, especially with all the cabins on the shore where the Rockaway guys stay on the weekends. It would be such an amazing place to have kayak camps as there is everything you need and nothing you don’t!
I’ve been able to visit a dear friend of mine from school up north a little ways from Princeton, and we’ve just had the richest time together! I went into New York City for the first time yesterday and after exploring coffee shops, and going on a sailing tour, I met up with my friend and saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Oh what a foretaste of Heaven that was!
I am having a great time and getting some quality training here, but am looking forward to getting back to Oklahoma City to train with my K2 partner David Petrovics.

Cedric Bond – National Team Member

That says it all. If you couldn’t tell from the last post, I was extremely nervous going into this regatta. Thankfully the Lord was with me and pushed me down the race course. This week I struggled a lot in pray between my flesh asking for victory and my spirit completely giving the race and the results up to God. Saturday morning I was just given peace from the Holy Spirit, and He enabled me to give it all to the Lord. This definitely wasn’t just between me and God, I am so blessed to have the encouragement and prayerful support of so many.


Qualifying for the World Championships is exciting – but the amount of money I have to raise isn’t quite. I haven’t heard the exact total yet but it includes a flight to Italy which in a quick search I found prices between $900 and $2,000. I’ll be going with the cheapest possible but that only works if I can raise the money fast enough since the flights are only getting more expensive. The fees for the rest of the trip will be around $2,000, these include a week at a training site in Pusiano, Italy, then a trip to Szeged, Hungary, food, travel, housing, entry fees, boat transport, Visas, etc. It’s not going to be a cheap trip, but I know if I’m supposed to go, God will provide for the trip, and if not, that should be clear also. I’ll have the final amount up as soon as possible, but safe to say it’s a lot. If you can afford and you feel inclined, I could sure use some funding, but definitely don’t feel guilted into it, if you’ve already given please don’t feel like you have to give more. The easiest way to donate is to go to my Donate page and use the Paypal button on my site.

One Day More

One day more – but not till revolution – one day more till the start gun!
I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous for this race. I’m not exactly sure why. I feel how I felt before my first Junior Worlds Team Trial here in Lake Placid in 2007. I guess it’s because this is the first time I can see myself actually making the US National Team, no Junior or U23 before it, but the real National Team. It’s pretty exciting. Oh well, I’ve done the training, I’ll let the race play itself out. I’m so ready for this race!
I’ll update you as soon as possible, in case I can’t get to my computer, I’ll have my phone so follow my twitter @kayakracerbond (scroll down to read my tweets).
Thank you all so much for reading and following my progress! I appreciate your encouragement and support!

Lake Placid At Last!

Here’s the update!
I am now in Lake Placid, NY at the Olympic Training Center one week out from the Lake Placid International Regatta. My shoulder is feeling as strong as ever, I’m energetic as ever, optimistic as ever, faster than ever, and overly excited as ever!
I can’t wait for the start gun! And to think that I’m this jittery before the full taper! I think I might implode from anticipation!
This morning was my first workout here and it was a K4 with Jared MacArthur, Ryan Stock, and JL Guinchard. It went quite well for the first time paddling together. There are a few things I can fix and that the crew as a whole can work on but I think we’ll make a great showing at the regatta this weekend.
I’m not sure when we’ll be paddling K1 or K2s yet but we have enough time to play around with some combinations.
Most of all I’m excited for the K1 though, because if I finish 2nd of the US guys in the K1 1000m I will be representing the US at the World Championships in Hungary!
Wooot! Ok time to relax, drink some water, pack a bag and head back down to the lake.

Bringing the Pain

There is a lot going on in the kayak world right now, at least my kayak world. Two weeks ago I had a 10km race on a river in Little Rock, Arkansas which I forgot to give the results for. Last year I got 2nd behind Mike Herbert by 12 seconds. This year I managed to beat Mike by over a minute and finished 30 seconds behind my training partner Carlos Garcia. I’m so grateful to the Lord for sustaining me during my race and keeping my shoulder healthy. The night before the race I went for just a float paddle on the river and my shoulder was killing me, then the next day I pounded for 10km and had no problems at all! Praise the Lord.
Since then I have just been ramping up for the Lake Placid International Regatta July 2-3. This is honestly my favorite US regatta of the year, the competition tends to be some of the best in the country, especially for Juniors, and no other regatta course can beat the scenery. Plus this will be my fifth year attending this regatta and every year it’s very well organized and run.
This year it is being used as the qualifiers for the Senior Men’s K2 1000m spot for the World Championship Team. William Irving sent out the criteria for the K2 and in short it is the top 2 eligible US men from the K1 1000m. The only people going are the Seniors and U23 paddlers not named to the World Championship team already, and of those guys I am ranked 2nd in the 1000m K1 based off of Team Trials. So there is a solid chance for me to make the Senior National Team this year! I’m so pumped! To top this I feel like I’ve made a breakthrough on the water.
Yesterday I pulled a 7 minute 55 second 2km as part of a 15km workout. I wasn’t even trying to pull a time. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to access that same speed again today but this morning I again proved myself wrong and killed it on the water. It was on of the harder workouts I have done in a while and I felt like I was going to die every piece. So much pain! But it was really good. In a race there are so many uncertainties, but one thing that is certain is the pain. An athlete’s job is to become so accustom to the pain in practice that they can ignore it completely in competition. That’s what I’m doing right now — bringing the Pain.

Week on the Water

Praise the Lord! I paddled nearly every day this last week. It was wonderful! Though I’m not quite 100% (I actually had to get off early morning) I’m increasingly getting closer and closer to full strength. I am very grateful to David Huslig with Valir Physical Therapy! This is now the second time he has helped me recover from some sports related injury and I really appreciate his help. It is quite a blessing to have such a skilled physical therapist here at the Boathouse.
In an hour or so I’ll be hopping in the car and driving down to a 5.5 mile race in Little Rock, Arkansas. I participated in this race last year and had a blast so I’m very excited to do it again. I get the honor of racing against Mike Herbert one of the best paddlers America has put out and a wonderful guy. I’m hoping and praying that my shoulder will hold up for the race and I can beat Mike this year. Last year he edged me out by 12 seconds!
A quick update on fundraising, through your generous donations I was able to raise enough money for my flight and my U23 Team fee, so a huge thank you to all you who donated!
Well time to pack a bag and get on the road! I’ll update you all Sunday on how the race goes this weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Paddling and Banana Bread

To those of you who donated, I really want to say how grateful I am for your generosity. I am sending in my check for $350 for the U23 Team Camp today, and that is possible only because of your donations. Your support is inspirational.


Today I went out for a paddle (woohoo!) and it was beautiful! I did a lap and a half before my shoulder spasms drove me off the water and throughly enjoyed my time on the water. After my paddle, I headed in to the dock, popped my boat onto my shoulder and was walking up when I noticed the boat-bay doors were closed. That’s a little annoying I thought, but no big deal I set my boat in the grass, and walked to the main entrance — it was locked. The whole boathouse had been locked up and I was left outside with my boat and my paddle, only wearing spandex paddling shorts. My keys, phone, and clothes were all in the boathouse. I walked over to the Chesapeake Boathouse and no one there had a key to the Devon Boathouse. In the end I had to wait for 30 minutes till one of the coaches got off the water and was able to unlock the boathouse.

Banana Bread

After getting back from the boathouse, a friend of mine and I got together to make some bread. As we were getting the ingredients out she noticed a recipe on the back of the flour bag for banana bread. That was too much to resist. So we went to Buy For Less (the cheapest grocery store ever, i think i’m in love) and bought a bag of their “over ripe bananas” for $0.39 lb. We grabbed the rest of the ingredients and now I have 4 loaves of banana bread, well I still have to find an oven, but once I find an oven I will be one happy clam.

Training with Tornadoes

Yesterday was exciting. It was my first time hearing the tornado sirens go off when they weren’t a test. I didn’t see any funnel clouds but I saw quite the storm. I’ve never seen rain like that in my life! In seconds the roads were rivers. We never went into the actual tornado shelter, but sat near the stairs to the shelter in the lobby of one of the solid concrete buildings here on campus and watched the weather channel. I brought a bunch of popcorn and we just sat watching tv and eating popcorn for 3 hours.

After yesterday’s weather today is beautiful! It’s a comfortable 75 degrees or so with a strong wind at 20mph under blue skies with a few puffy white clouds. Unfortunately it’s too windy to go on the water with a recovering shoulder, but I was able to get out for a real hard run and a leg workout in the gym. This afternoon I’m looking at probably another run and a core workout. Hopefully tomorrow morning it will be calm enough for a paddle.

I put up fundraising posters all over town Saturday, haven’t got much out of them yet but I’m hopping and praying I’ll get some more funding. If you can afford it please Donate! even the smallest of donations help! I’ve still got a long way to go in a very short period of time. Next Tuesday I need to send in my Under 23 Team fee of $350 and I’m short by $240.
Please help me reach my goals!
Thank you!