Day 1 Canoe/Kayak Sprint World Championships

Today was incredible! I saw several reigning Olympic Champions not make the A Final. There were at least 15 guys within a second of each other! The field for Sprint Kayak is so dense!
I am so excited to be apart of this sport! There are many sports that sit stagnant. I believe that as soon as the athletes stop progressing in a sport, that sport is not worth existing anymore! The sport of Sprint Kayak is so dynamic! Every year there are 5 guys breaking the last year’s world record!
This is such an incredible opportunity! Even though for some reason this sport isn’t popular in the United States, I am honored to be a Sprint Kayaker. The best sport in the World!
I am so motivated to train even harder than before!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Canoe/Kayak Sprint World Championships”

  1. Hi Cedric,
    Your homepage caught my attention when looking for information on sprint kayaking the in the US. We are a family moving from Europe to Boston next year and our daughter shares your exitement about sprint kayaking even if she is only 12 :-)
    We have simply not been able to find any opportunity for her to continue her sport around Boston…would you have any knowledge of were to go for kayaking camps in that area? Thought you may have met some during competitions.

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