Indoor Regatta and Recovery Week

Well it has definitely been too long since my last post, and this one is going to have to be short. Who knew life could be this busy?

Last weekend was the 2011 Indoor Kayak Regatta here in Oklahoma City. It wasn’t the same a racing on the water but with freezing temperatures the week leading up to the regatta I’m not sure I would have wanted to race on the water. Though the ergs aren’t the most reliable pieces of equipment, there was still some quality race experience that day. Lots of practice making and following race plans. And also lots of practice pushing through pain. Kayak ergs deal out more pain than an angry Marine.

It was such a blessing to get to spend time with Alan Anderson and Katy Hill’s mom Missy. We went out to dinner Friday night and got to chat for hours. Sounds like my old team back in Gig Harbor is doing really well. I can’t wait to see how they do at trials. I hear good things about some of the canoeists!

Following the erg regatta, Shaun had us on a recovery week which has been wonderful. A lot of much needed rest and still some quality work. Though I’m a little tired from our gym secession and 90 minute paddle this morning, after tomorrow’s day off I should be ready for the next two loading weeks. It is time to get some serious water work. Only two months till Trials!

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