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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma—If your perception of the Oklahoma River comes from your view of it from a car window then you’re missing something. The view these days is a lot better early in the morning when rowing teams and paddlers who actually live and train here take to the water just as the sun comes up. “We’re cherishing every second of this,” says paddler Cedric Bond.

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Bond Gliding to International Level

Bond Gliding to International Level

Local Sports Figures Offer a Father’s Day Salute

Staff Reports, June 19, 2011., in print in the Oklahoman.
Local Sports Figures Offer a Father’s Day Salute

Oklahoma City University sprint kayaker Cedric Bond about his father, Douglas:
“He wasn’t a coach or anything like that. He just supported me in what I do. I’d say probably the biggest way he supported me was making sure that I know it’s not all about kayaking. I’m very religious, and I live my life as a Christian, not to make my way to heaven but out of gratitude and love for the gospel. He led by example, showing me how that’s done and by teaching me. He might have said, ‘It’s not all about kayaking,’ but he definitely went on to show what it is all about. Just a wonderful, wonderful influence in my life.
“Last summer, I was in Lake Placid, N.Y., at the U.S. Olympic training center there. He actually got to come up to it. He’s an author, so I think he was at a book conference on the East Coast and was able to come up for my regatta. It’d been a number of years since he’d been able to come to a regatta. It was really fun. It was really a good time.”

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The Children’s Center

TRAVIS DOUSSETTE, July 22, 2011 Cedric Bond Visits the Children’s Center

Going the Distance: Paddlers have put GH team in national spotlight

Published: 01/19/11 3:57 pm

When the USA Canoe/Kayak program holds its National Junior Kayak Camp next month, 16 elite athletes will test their skills at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. And of those 16 athletes, all younger than 18, five compete for the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team.

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06/17/10 – If Cedric Bond had let his first experience in a kayak discourage him, America’s most promising young talent would have never continued with the sport. He was 11 when he made his initial attempt, and it wasn’t pretty.

“I lasted about one second,” says Bond, now a senior at Covenant (Tacoma, Wash.). “Anyone’s first time in a kayak is pretty funny. You sit, and you fall right out. The balance takes a while to pick up.”

Once he found his bearings in a kayak, Bond was off to the races. He became the nation’s top junior flatwater sprint kayaker before joining the senior ranks when he turned 18 in December. But going up against much older competition has barely slowed him down. Bond took part in the U.S. World Cup Team Trials in April and is scheduled to compete in the U.S. World Championship Team Trials in July.
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Faces in the Crowd

Sports Illustrated featured USA Canoe/Kayak Junior sprint kayaker, Cedric Bond of Gig Harbor Canoe/Kayak Club, in their Faces in the Crowd section of the May 18th, 2009 issue.